Could you imagine if Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow got an HD remaster? Or even online enabled BC support? I’m ready to burst!


POKEMON MAKES AN APPEARANCE: For me, if Nintendo show anything of a new Pokemon game for Switch, they will win the show. It is just such a popular franchise that I can't see them resting on their laurels and showing Smash Bros, Metroid and not really trying to hit one out of the park by featuring this. - MIKE

METROID STEALS THE SHOW: If Metroid is shown in first person and with the sort of relative graphical power that we saw when the original Metroid Prime launched, Nintendo will be onto a winner. I can see Nintendo justifying their online service with a multiplayer deathmatch reveal for this. - MIKE

VIRTUAL CONSOLE NO-SHOW: I want this so badly that I am going to say that they won't show it, in the hope that (based on the success of my predictions last year) it means they will. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me that much to see Nintendo focus on their core online features, maybe announce a Gamecube re-master (Sunshine?) to placate the Virtual Console crowd and just forget the whole thing. Who says there even has to be a "Virtual Console" - maybe we just get a drip feed of re-releases. Though you would expect some Nintendo classics to show up in time for the launch of the premium online service...that much we've been promised. - MIKE

A COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCE: People go crazy for Splatoon's themed events and with the success of drawing and community collaboration in Nintendo's Miiverse, I think we'll see a similar experience coming to the Switch. - MIKE

FORTNITE: The momentum of Fortnite: Battle Royale shows no signs of letting up, and a Switch port will create a frenzy of excitement. It’s exactly the kind of thing Nintendo would drop into the middle of a Direct, treating it like it’s no big deal! - JAY TEE

PORT-TACULAR: Whatever is left in the Wii U exclusive library that hasn’t already been ported or given a sequel will make the jump. So basically, Mario Maker, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, and Starfox Zero. Maybe something like a Paper Mario collection? Capitalising on the goodwill for Odyssey? - JAY TEE


BATTLE ROYALE: The kings of loot crates, I can't see EA letting the Battle Royale hype-train pass them by any longer. I wouldn't be at all surprised (or annoyed, actually) if they announced a Battlefield-style Battle Royale game. With Frostbite and DICE behind it, it would potentially blow the competition out of the water if it was free to play. - MIKE

ANTHEM RELEASE DATE: I would like to see a lot of Anthem, as it was my game of the show last year. And a release date of March 2019 please. - MIKE

RESPAWN: A double dip from these talented guys, with a Titanfall 3 gameplay reveal and a decent first look at their Star Wars game. Especially after two years of teasing and no shows, the cancellation of Visceral’s project (and the studios demise), and the travesty of Battlefront 2. - JAY TEE

UNNECESSARY SPORTS SEGMENT: No-one watching E3 who isn’t already a fan of FIFA watches it and then goes “I should buy that!”. Putting in a 15 minute bathroom break in the middle of your conference to desperately justify how much the series has changed is a waste of time. - JAY TEE

Just give me a release window. Even a year will do! 2019! Let’s go!


NEW IP: Bethesda have really been broadening their horizons in the last few years, and I think we will see a continuation of that. They have quite a few franchises under their belts, but I don't expect a sequel - I think one of their teams will announce a triple-A new release that gets people extremely hyped. - MIKE

PREY: I could see Bethesda doubling down on fruitful IP, and a sequel to Prey could happen this year. I love their focus on story driven, single player experiences, and this seems like the perfect time to drop another intense sci-fi sequel. - JAY TEE

DOOM 2: I’m sure I read some rumours recently of this apparently being a thing? In any case, I think this would be a fantastic way to open their show, much like they did with Quake in 2016. We also get a final release date for Quake Champions, as it finally comes out of early access. - JAY TEE


BATTLE ROYALE: Will this be the Battle Royale E3? If EA are making one, there's every chance Ubisoft do the same, building on their Far Cry or Ghost Recon framework. And it would be pretty damn good. - MIKE

SPLINTER CELL: The recent teases, the Ghost Recon: Wildlands DLC mission event… they even went to all the trouble of getting Michael Ironside back (thank jebus) AND he’s been doing a lot of promotional interviews lately, so I believe this will be their closing title of the show. We hear the goggles, they confirm two player campaign co-op, and everyone (mainly me) is happy - JAY TEE

BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2: On the flipside, I think this opens their show. I cannot express in mere words how excited I am for this game. We wiil see gameplay, we get details on co-op / multiplayer, and we get a simple ‘2019’ release window. - JAY TEE

ANOTHER NINTENDO PARTNERSHIP: Following the bonkers success of Mario + Rabbids, Ubi will continue their best in class support for Nintendo with a fresh new project. - JAY TEE


ONLINE MULTIPLAYER FOR OG XBOX GAMES: Microsoft have been doing a great job with backwards compatability, but the one thing missing from the original Xbox games so far is online mulitplayer. Based on some of the recent additions to the service (Conker, Star Wars Battlefront 2), enabling online multiplayer is the next logical step. If it's possible. I hope to see this announcement alongside a heavy hitter being added, such as Rainbow Six 3 (yes please) or Project Gotham Racing 2 (*dies*). - MIKE

NEW BANJO GAME: I'm going to keep dreaming about this until it happens. We know Playtonic are working on something new after the okayish Yooka Laylee - how about signing them up to make a new Banjo game with a decent budget? I guess that would be a step back for them as they have only just left Microsoft, but I'd love to see it. - MIKE

LOADS OF NEW IP: It shows how far we've come that I'm struggling to even think of "out there" things that I think Microsoft would be capable of announcing. I'm just going to say that they would have a great show if they can put as many new IP exclusives (PC/Xbox) into the show as possible. But I nearly left this off the list as it seems so unlikely judging by recent years. Prove me wrong Phil! - MIKE

XBOX ONE S PRICE DROP OR DISCLESS XBOX MINI: I would like to see the RRP for the Xbox One S come right down, say towards £149.99 (the new console sweet spot for casuals). The S is holding its price pretty well, surprisingly considering the lack of first party games. Alternatively, a new console version without a disc drive, a small form factor and with a large hard drive - at a bargain price. - MIKE

RARE RACING: This is certainly "out there". Think Diddy Kong Racing but without Donkey, Diddy & Co. There are plenty of Microsoft and Rare characters that could make an appearance, it would get the nostalgia buds going, and would be a pretty easy game to make - just follow the N64 formula. Master Chief in a mini-warthog? Yes please. - MIKE

CONKER AND BANJO: Give me proper sequels to Bad Fur Day and Tooie. Please Phil. It would be the E3 of dreams. - JAY TEE


A FIRST PARTY MMO OR MULTIPLAYER-FOCUSED GAME: I miss Warhawk, and to a much lesser extent M.A.G. and PlayStation Home. I would like to see Sony create those kind of experiences again, as I think the one thing their platform is missing is a Sea of Thieves-like game to unite the community online. - MIKE

CROSS PLATFORM PLAY: Sony seem to be the only ones cock blocking this from happening. And it needs to change. Everyone wants it, the benefits are numerous, and for some developers, it would be mean flicking a switch and bam! Rocket League, Fortnite, Battlefield… they could all support it with ease. I could see them withholding this announcement for their own conference, as a way to flip the script and reinforce their ‘4 The Players’ advertising slogan, and come away as the good guys. - JAY TEE

DEATH STRANDING: This weird ass looking epic finally gets a long over due, and very specific, release date. And Hideo Kojima comes down from the ceiling like Usher in the Super Bowl. - JAY TEE

A TRUE PSP / VITA SUCCESSOR: Sony have a long history of responding to, and building upon, Nintendo’s creative madness. Playstation All Stars (their answer to Smash Bros.), The Move Controller (their answer to the Wii Remote), and Wonderbook (their answer to the wacky 3DS AR experiments), to name but a few. I could see Sony looking at the crazy Switch hardware numbers and putting together a super expensive, premium handheld that can play PS4 games natively on the go. Supported by cloud saves and other PS4 wizardry. And if it had an HDMI port for easy connectivity (without the use of an overpriced plastic dock) this thing could sell like hotcakes. - JAY TEE

Give it to me. Please.

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E3 2018
Dreaming about Banjo, TLOU: Part 2, and Virtual Console.




NEW FIRST PARTY IP OR EXCLUSIVES: So...this was a bet from last year and it didn't happen. But this has to? All signs point to Microsoft announcing a new IP from potentially Playground Games, or it could be a new Fable title. I think alongside that we will see Microsoft working with a third party to have a big PC/Xbox exclusive. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice? - MIKE

SOMETHING FOR 2018 (HALO): We may get a "surprise" Halo or Gears game for the end of 2018 - the surprise being that it releases so soon. The end of this year is looking extremely sparse for Microsoft to say the least, and Forza (assuming we get one) won't be enough on its own. If not those, then a third party deal that can be marketed as an exclusive (see PUBG). - MIKE

GAMES PASS / XBOX LIVE BUNDLE: Microsoft are doubling down on Games Pass lately, but at the moment you can only buy it (easily) in one month installments. Expect some sort of deal pricing either with Xbox Live or at least on 3 and 6 month reduced rates. - MIKE

SEA OF THIEVES: Coming in for a lot of flack due to a perceived lack of content, Rare have announced their immediate plans for Sea of Thieves. Expect to see more on that and possibly an announcement of content plans even further out. - MIKE

TYING EVERYTHING TOGETHER: A bigger push on Windows Play Anywhere titles, and another drop of Backwards Compatible goodness, for the original Xbox AND 360, that helps support and build hype for at least one newly announced sequel to a long dormant franchise. - JAY TEE

CRACKDOWN 3 BETA SHADOW DROP: We get a new release date, and a shadow dropped multiplayer beta. This has to happen really. What is going on with that game?! - JAY TEE


CONSOLIDATION: Sony have won this generation, no question. I think they have an excellent lineup of games that we already know about and they don't need to do much to cross the finish line. I expect their first party teams will be thinking about PS5 once their most recent games are launched. It's a great position to be in: you can spend the next three years making an outstanding launch lineup for the next console, whereas Microsoft need to keep their fans onside with some decent releases before then. Showing their already announced games, reviving some old franchises, giving us some re-masters and some cool Japanese developed exclusives will still give them a great show. - MIKE

DEEP DIVE: We’ll get extended gameplay reveals for The Last of Us: Part 2 AND Ghost of Tsushima. Days Gone has also become Sony’s Crackdown 3; they should set a firm release date, and show a short, punchy demo that gets people excited. - JAY TEE

GOD OF WAR DLC: Much like last years Horizon: Zero Dawn (a sequel to which I am fully expecting to see announced at E3 this year), I reckon Sony Santa Monica will drop a ‘Frozen Wilds’ style single player DLC for God of War, due later this year. - JAY TEE

JAPAN STUDIO: Since the Shadow of the Colossus remake they produced alongside Bluepoint, we don’t know what these folks are up to. Yet another new IP would be fantastic, but it will likely be a ways off. Definitely a 2019 release, but a teaser of something is possible. - JAY TEE

MEDIA MOLECULE: They need to show their hand with Dreams. We get an extended gameplay demo, and a firm release date. - JAY TEE

In many ways, E3 2017 was a transitional year. A chance for the big dogs to unveil extended looks at stuff we already knew was coming. There were of course a number of neat surprises; EA’s Anthem is potentially their take on a Destiny style experience, and Ubisoft blew us away with a left field reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 2. But with E3 2018 just around the corner, and a lot of big titles now released into the wild (Super Mario Odyssey, God of War, Sea of Thieves), the conferences from Microsoft, Sony, EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft, as well as Nintendo’s latest Direct, will surely prove fertile ground for some megaton announcements.


We’ve broken down our thoughts into ‘Bets’ and ‘Dreams’. The former detailing exactly what we expect to see, and the latter a wish list of potential surprises that would make this E3 an unforgettable few days. This year, we’ve added ‘Kurrrazy Dreams’ - a totally unrealistic, wild shot in the dark for something that we don’t think will appear, but would be incredible if it did.

Gears of War is still a fantastic multiplayer experience. But if they’re going to make a potential Gears 5 feel fresh, they need to keep building on the winning formula.


VIRTUAL CONSOLE YES-SHOW: It's a sad state of affairs that this is still a dream. To give it a bit more of a wow factor though I'd like a shadow drop (to steal Jay Tee's prediction from last year) of this during Nintendo's presentation - a selection of NES, SNES and N64 games launching during the show, with the announcement of Mario Sunshine to come. I can dream. - MIKE

A GOOD LYLAT WARS GAME: I still play Lylat Wars on the N64 a lot. I would love to see Nintendo actually put some effort into making another game in the series, rather than their most recent attempt. - MIKE

ANIMAL CROSSING: With the success of Stardew Valley, an Animal Crossing game is just a matter of time. I think it could well happen at this show, but Nintendo have a lot of franchises they can draw on and you never know what they will pick. - MIKE

VIRTUAL CONSOLE: It is totally absurd that legacy games aren’t supported on Switch. And no. I don’t count the Neo Geo ports. I want to be able to load up my Switch’s SD card with the finest N64 and Gamecube titles from yesteryear. Please Reggie! - JAY TEE

MARIO PARTY: This is the year. I can feel it. A new Mario Party game, launching this year. Come on Nintendo. Make it happen! - JAY TEE

F-ZERO: This is the year. I can feel it. A new F-Zero game, launching this year. Come on Nintendo. Make it happen! - JAY TEE

ANIMAL CROSSING: This is the year. I can… Ok you get the idea. - JAY TEE


NEW TRACK-BASED BURNOUT GAME, OR REMASTER: Not going to happen, but I miss the old Burnouts. Either a new game but without the open world gubbins (could be a download-only game?) or a remaster of something like Burnout Legends. - MIKE

BATTLEFIELD 1943 MADE BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: This would have the potential to steal the show for me, which shows how much I loved the original XBLA game. Allowing us to play it again would be a shrewd move. They could also consider a full-on remaster, with micro-transactions. - MIKE

RESPAWN'S STAR WARS GAME: I think this might be too similar to Anthem to show, but I would love to see some gameplay footage so we know just what to expect. - MIKE

A SEQUEL TO CRITERION’S BLACK: It will never happen. But a man can dream. This game was ambitious, with a combination of highly stylised cutscenes and a dark story. The shooting felt heavy, and the destruction tech was super impressive for consoles of the time. - JAY TEE


ELDER SCROLLS/FALLOUT REMASTER: With Bethesda showing they are not averse to milking previous releases (how many Skyrim versions are there now?), it wouldn't surprise me to see Oblivion or Morrowind get a full remaster. And I'd love it. The fact that we've seen them added to Microsoft's backwards compatibility list does make it less likely, however. - MIKE

NEW ELDER SCROLLS: Too early for this, which is why it's a dream. I think we'll see it next year though. - MIKE

OBSIDIAN/NON BETHESDA FALLOUT GAME: You can see that I only play two series of Bethesda games, but regardless, New Vegas was a great Fallout game and I would love to see something else built on the Fallout 3 engine with a different team. - MIKE

ONGOING SWITCH SUPPORT: I’d like them to keep the good times going with continued support for Nintendo’s hybrid console. - JAY TEE


NEW RAINBOW SIX GAME: I haven't played much of Siege as I miss the co-op story and single player elements of the previous Rainbow Six games. I'd love Ubisoft to bring back this style, maybe bundling a campaign with Siege included to tick off the adversarial multiplayer side? - MIKE

PRINCE OF PERSIA HD COLLECTION: Man I’d be all over this. And what a great way to announce a surprise sequel! This could be their Uncharted! And what a great way to close out their conference! I’m saying great too many times. Regardless, this would be… great. - JAY TEE

As DJ Khaled would say: ANOTHER ONE!

I want Conker to come back so bad he now appears in two screenshots.


MICROSOFT & NINTENDO LOVE-IN PROJECT: With Mario + Rabbids we've seen Nintendo working with a big publisher and allowing them to use their IP - which is great. With Minecraft, we've seen Microsoft be willing to allow their IP on other platforms, and with the likes of Rocket League (and more since), to enable cross party play with Switch. With EA Access, we've seen Microsoft be more willing to work with other companies on new ideas. Phil is notorious for complimenting other developers and showing his love for all-things gaming. So my dream is a Nintendo-Microsoft collaboration. Anything from a re-release of Diddy Kong racing on both platforms to a full-on, Rare-developed game featuring Nintendo characters. Or how about something from 4J or Mojang, as they have already developed for Switch? - MIKE

SPACE OF THIEVES: It’s the Microsoft press conference. Phil says he has one more thing. The lights go dark. Is it Halo? Gears of War? No. It’s the Rare logo. Which dissolves into Nebula dust. A star field fades into view, as a Guardians of the Galaxy style ship flies past the screen. Creedence Clearwater Revival is being jammed out of every speaker. It’s basically Sea of Thieves… IN SPACE. You can command 1 - 4 man vessels, fully customisable, as you zip about a carefully constructed, definitely not procedurally generated solar system, going on quests, fighting other players, exploring planet surfaces, and generally having a jolly old time. You can build bases on planets. Your ship interiors can be fully explored and customised. You can go to Red Alert. Riker is your first officer. Ok. Now I’m delirious. But you get the idea. - JAY TEE