Besides being the obvious side effect to a hormonal outburst, “Mood Swings” is a weekly editorial crafted by our editor Jay Tee, alongside contributions from the JTGA team. It’s like a series of extended tweets; 60 to a 100 words each, ranting or raving about something terrible / great that’s happened to us that week in our gaming lives. It serves as a weekly collection of random musings designed to provide a snapshot of what we’re doing, things you should be excited for, and stuff to avoid as you navigate the choppy waters of this wonderfully unpredictable hobby.

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TOUGH AS NAILS - With everyone talking about how brutal Dark Souls III is, I’m currently playing through the final section of the It's War level in Conker's Bad Fur Day (over and over and over again, via Rare Replay). Not only do you have a mere two minutes to get through this section, not only is it one hit kill from the enemy RPGs, not only are the controls horrific by today's standards, but we've all become quite unaccustomed to this sort of thing these days. Dark Souls being a
great exception.


If any character deserved a proper resurrection (that doesn’t rely on being DLC for a short lived experiment
or some cheap mobile knockoff), it’s Conker. What a hero.

CLOUD KNOWS BEST - Mike and I are about to revisit Halo Wars, a classic case of being an under appreciated franchise branded gem that deserves way more love than it gets. After a quick install (and successful recovery of my DLC), I booted up the game to make sure everything was working, and my campaign progress from six years ago was loaded and ready to rock. Well done MS!


The naysayers will lament the console controls, but I for one found Ensemble Studios’ (RIP) attempts at button mapping to compromise where it made sense and overall work well with a pad.

REJECTION BURN - I was playing The Division recently, having finally achieved a suitable gear score to play the latest incursion DLC. I spent the better part of an hour trying desperately to pair up with other players, as either one of two things occurred:
1 - I was placed with a team of fanatics whose player levels were so immense they took one look at me, assumed I didn’t have a clue, and I was instantly kicked.
or 2 - I found myself with a bunch of castaways where in each group you get the one guy who is AFK, another so terrible he dies at the first A.I. we meet, and the last one quitting instantly after seeing the last guy get killed. This left me with a guy having a dump next door, and another letting his six year old cousin play with his character.
Needless to say, I’m forced to bail and continue the loop over and over again, either facing rejection or having to lead a group of utter misfits. My advice: don’t play The Division if you can’t handle leadership or rejection very well.


It’s all fun and games until someone in your group has to answer a call of nature, or are so invested that anything less than HYDRA levels of perfection and you’re given the boot.

BETA BE BETTER - The Gears 4 beta was a cracker, but it’s not without its faults. Weapon balancing (particularly for the Hammerburst) needs to be addressed, and I feel like a second beta will be needed much closer to launch that offers the full roster of weapons and player abilities. It looks great, but The Coalition have a lot of work to do. You can check out my complete hands on thoughts right here.


The Yank and Shank is wonderful[ly awful]. I mean, as a mechanic, it’s incredibly satisfying, but as you can see from the above shot, it’s also extremely gruesome.

RALLY ON ME - I’ve been playing a lot of Alienation recently, leading up to our JTGA review, and I have to say, I’ve had so much fun playing with random folks online. This is normally something I actively try to avoid when smashing through campaign co-op, but the seamless and well integrated nature of the drop in / drop out has encouraged me to give it a proper go. Kudos to Housemarque.


Even though I’ve done most of the missions solo (which on Veteran difficulty is BRUTAL), I’ve been itching to try the assortment of different locales with players online. 4 player co-op is great.


BY JTGA STAFF - 05/05/16





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