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Nintendo desperately need some fresh IP.



Besides being the obvious side effect to a hormonal outburst, ‘Mood Swings’ is a weekly editorial crafted by our editor Jay Tee, alongside contributions from the JTGA team. It’s like a series of extended tweets, ranting or raving about something terrible / great that’s happened to us that week in our gaming lives.

It serves as a weekly collection of random musings designed to provide a snapshot of what we’re doing, things you should be excited for, and stuff to avoid as you navigate the choppy waters of this wonderfully unpredictable hobby.

Anything, from reactions to a new game announcement, surprising breaking news, to our cat just nibbled our thumb sticks, can be found here. Each “Mood Swing” will be tagged with either a green, yellow, or red Tarp badge. This represents a visual indicator of our reaction.


REINVENT THE WHEEL - The unstoppable juggernaut of Switch’s pervasive, sweeping success can be attributed to a number of factors. The core hybrid concept is new and offers welcome flexibility. Nintendo’s marketing has never been better. Key marquee titles like Breath of the Wild and Odyssey defined its inaugural year as a must own, rapidly adopted platform. But Nintendo are running the risk of resting on their laurels. The first half of 2018 is shaping up to be a whimper of familiar Wii U re-releases (Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad) and ports of long in the tooth third party efforts (Dark Souls, Okami).

Now, this might not affect most people, since I was one of only twelve humans who actually purchased a WiiU and have therefore played most of them already. But any objective eye must recognise that this is not the Nintendo of the Gamecube era; experimental, weird, and willing to take risks on new IP. Look ahead to 2018 and all the big hitters (Smash Bros, Pokemon, Yoshi, Metroid, Bayonetta) are safe, secure bets. I love my Switch, but Nintendo should use E3 and beyond to establish a renewed wave of originality with their software. - JAY TEE

STUCK IN A REPETITIVE RUT - At the moment I'm playing one of two games most evenings: either Stardew Valley (Switch) or Kingdom: New Lands (Xbox One, thanks Games Pass). I love both of these games, but last night, having galloped my horse up and down the 2D plane in Kingdom for the twentieth time, I stopped and thought...is this what I've been reduced to? Essentially you ride up and down collecting coins to spend on your soldiers, workers and buildings. It sounds a lot like a F2P Facebook game, and the repetitiveness is kind of similar, but it looks great and has the advantage (for me) of being a medieval-ish setting rather than weird cartoon characters. Stardew is a much more involved game, but you are still waiting for crops to grow and battling with energy and time, compared to battling with coins and time in Kingdom.

I feel like it is pretty easy to make games like this addictive - you just want to get through one more in-game day, so will keep playing a few more minutes. What's harder is making a game that's genuinely fun, and makes you want to keep coming back. Like I said, I love these two games, but there's something about them that's...cheap? I feel dirty for playing them. So now I'm going to wash the dirt off in Sea of Thieves (by grinding some chest quests over and over again). - MIKE  

Arms was a good start. But Nintendo need more new, if the Switch is going to go stratosphere.

JUGGERNAUT - I can’t help but be astounded by the consistency and quality of updates produced for Fortnite. The player count dominance of that game notwithstanding, Epic have done a superb job keeping the conversation alive and making the Battle Royale side of things feel fresh. And with the previously announced free to play launch of the Save the World co-op mode on the horizon, and the ever present demand for a Switch port, there’s plenty of longevity still left in this unlikely hit. Look out for a Fortnite ‘Pipe Dreams’ article in the days and weeks ahead, as we dream up all the wacky guns and gadgets we’d like to see added. - JAY TEE

JTGA-ers… ASSEMBLE! - Last weekend the JTGA crew filmed a whole bunch of stuff for our newly relaunched YouTube channel, and it was so much fun. I’m very fortunate to have a group of intelligent, like minded, passionate friends writing and recording content for the site. With Mike handling a lot of written content, and Jason, Adam, and Jonny on the video side of things, we will continue to grow, improve, and be shaped by your feedback. - JAY TEE