PIPE DREAMS: The Last of Us 2


This is an opportunity for JTGA staff writers to dream big, with a wish list of features and ideas for brand new game announcements, as well as debating the possibilities of how a series could evolve in the future. Our latest instalment focuses on the possibilities for The Last of Us 2, an unannounced (but assumed to be in production) follow up to one of the finest games ever made.

Of course, tackling such a highly sought after sequel is a daunting task, and there are any number of ways the campaign and multiplayer could evolve. After all, Naughty Dog are known for taking the road less travelled, with a tendency to surprise gamers and fly against expectation.

We’ve separated our thoughts into two categories: Story, and Gameplay. This allows us to speculate on twists in the narrative, whilst also pitching concepts for new mechanics. And until an official announcement is made (fingers crossed for PSX 2016!), all we have is a wish list of potential ideas.



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By KIT ALLEN and JAY TEE - 21/11/16

The Last of Us is, and always shall be, the definitive video game horse riding experience. Suck it Battlefield 1.
Although, I’d imagine the absurdly resilient beasts from DICE’s shooter would be handy in an apocalypse.



ADDRESS PLOT THREADS - I’d like to see flashbacks to Anna (Ellie’s Mum) and Marlene’s backstory, showing the start of their relationship. It feels like a huge part of the story that remains almost entirely unexplored. Also, I’ve always wondered if Ellie was immune to the virus because Anna was bitten during her pregnancy. Perhaps this somehow caused her to become resistant to it’s effects? There is a lot of directions they could take the story. - KIT

TOP THE PROLOGUE - The opening sequence of the original Last of Us is a masterpiece. Tense, shocking, and a beautiful set up to the story. I’d like to see an equally bold opening in TLOU2 that makes a clear statement of intent. Here’s my pitch: open a few days after the end of the first game. Both hunters and infected are invading the town - it’s a big set piece. Joel is bitten, and Ellie has to mercy kill Joel. Boom. Title card. Flashforward five years. Ellie leaves America, and is hunted abroad by rival groups all wanting to claim credit for finding a cure. - JAY TEE

MORE SIDE STORIES, LIKE ‘ISH’ - The sequence with Ish was one of my favorite parts of the first game. I’d like to see bigger sandbox areas to explore, which would create more opportunities for storytelling. - KIT

CLEAR THEMES - There was a real sense of isolation and threat present throughout the original, and it would be fun to see Naughty Dog explore these ideas further. Perhaps Ellie is struggling to connect with others after the loss of Joel? - JAY TEE


MORE INTERACTIVITY - You really need to be able to pick up more stuff besides bricks and bottles! I’d love to see a Jason Bourne / Uncharted 3 style improvised fight system, where you’re using books, furniture, anything in the heat of the moment to take down enemies. Modified children’s toys as noise distractions? Deployable traps that restrict enemy movement? - JAY TEE

DEEPER CRAFTING SYSTEM - It would be cool to break objects down and strip them for parts. This opens up the possibility for new weapons, but it doesn’t always have to be for combat. They could be tools for traversal, which allows you to access secret areas? Basically, something that is more in depth than just spending a shiv to unlock a door. - KIT

INFECTED ANIMALS - This would be a sort of third party wild card in combat encounters featuring both survivors and human infected. We’ve already seen in the Left Behind DLC that Naughty Dog can balance the A.I., so why not take it a step further? My head is spinning with the potential for creature designs, customised behaviour etc… - JAY TEE

TRADING - By introducing friendly communities, you could trade with A.I. characters for supplies and ammunition. You could also steal from enemy A.I. and then decide whether or not to spare their lives. Of course, this could go the other way, where hunters steal from you and you have to get your stuff back during unscripted combat. In a world that’s broken apart, this would make a lot of sense. - KIT

SPECIFIC BODY DAMAGE - I’d love to see this affect both enemies and your character. Certain damage could alter your movement and abilities, which would force you to consider the potential consequences of engaging in open fights. Balancing this for multiplayer would be a challenge, but it’s definitely something I’d like to see. - JAY TEE

So much snow. So little time… to save Ellie… from an evil Nolan North! One of the best levels in the original, which to this day is still one of my favorite sequences in any game.


- The unannounced sequel to Naughty Dog’s PS3 / PS4 post apocalyptic stunner.


Playstation 4


Offline - 1, Online - 10 (although it would be amazing to fight in bigger factions).


Campaign co-op is unlikely, but a horde like survival mode would be a perfect fit.


- Given the success of Left Behind, and the free Uncharted 4 multiplayer maps, a mixture of on the house and premium DLC would work well.





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